Wednesday, February 08, 2006

continued protests

Yesterday was also a day of mobilization against the contrat première embauche that I mentioned earlier. According to the papers there were 10,000 at the events. I picked up a flyer at the protest from the local communist party The institutionalization of job precariousness for youth and the distrust of economic liberalism in general were the highlights. According to a chart in Le Figaro, youth between 18 and 26 have a jobless rate going from 30 to 10 percent (older than 30 and the rate is 5-10 percent). If the new reform is passed, youth in that same age group will be able to be fired without rationale, thus the precariousness...but more jobs aswell?


Blogger Antoine Toulmé said...

The only way to have more jobs for young people is to kill or destabilize the old guys in place. Oh yeah.

1:28 AM  

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